About Elo

We're building the best data-focused products for competitive games.

Elo specializes in advanced data analytics for competitive games. Our products are used by millions of players of all skill levels, including by professional esports teams.

Elo is building the next generation of websites and communities for games. We’re changing the way gamers engage with data, creating meaningful interactions that keep them coming back. Through our network of sites, we reach more than 3 million players each month.

Gamers have always valued deep, insightful, and truthful interactions. Whether you’re exploring the various stats of your favorite heroes, searching for insights on your own game and looking for ways to improve, or trying to understand the complex, shifting metagame that’s prevalent in modern competitive gaming — data is essential to every one of these applications.

As a company, we tend to focus on going deep in a few games rather than attempting to support several games poorly. If we have a project in an esports title it is because we are genuinely passionate about the game and excited about the possibilities it offers with data.

Our core values

Adopt a
global perspective

We make tools for, and work with, people from all around the world. Context matters in everything we do from displaying data to understanding people.

Embrace simplicity,
respect complexity

In a world of limitless possibilities, it's important to focus on what matters. We think holistically about difficult problems to find the best solutions.

and include

Just as we aim to empower players with data and tools, we also aim to have our team members feel empowered in the company.

as a team

It takes a truly great team to assemble parts. We trust eachother to do great work, and remove barriers that hold them back.

Always be

We're always learning and growing as a team. We're not afraid to try new things, and we're always in search of ways to improve.

Trusted by industry leaders

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We're a friendly team always looking to hear about exciting new projects. Have an idea? Want to work together? Reach out and we'll be in touch!