About Elo

We're a dedicated, remote-first team of gamers building data-centric esports products.

Elo specializes in advanced data analytics for competitive games. Our products are used by millions of esports fans, and players of all skill levels. This includes everyone from professional team analysts to casual players of the game. Millions of gamers know and use our products on a regular basis.

We're a dedicated, remote-first team of gamers building data-centric esports products.

Elo is building the next generation of websites and communities for games. We’re changing the way gamers engage with data, creating meaningful interactions that keep them coming back. Through our network of sites, we reach more than 3 million players each month.

Gamers have always valued deep, insightful, and truthful interactions. Whether you’re exploring the various stats of your favorite heroes, searching for insights on your own game and looking for ways to improve, or trying to understand the complex, shifting metagame that’s prevalent in modern competitive gaming — data is essential to every one of these applications.

We craft beautiful visualizations that are powered by developer-friendly API, so that our product teams are free to focus on designing, building, and polishing the best user experience across the board. Both our API and ad network are standalone products that power every site on our network, allowing our developers to focus on building product and shipping code that directly improves the user experience.

As a company, we tend to focus on going deep in a few games rather than attempting to support several games poorly. If we have a project in an esports title it is because we are genuinely passionate about the game and excited about the possibilities it offers with data.

Our core values

Adopt a global perspective

We make tools for, and work with, people from all around the world. It’s important to take into account different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds.

There is a lot we can learn from each other, and we should embrace that. Context matters in everything we do from displaying data to understanding people.

Embrace simplicity, but respect complexity

Keep your focus on what matters. Systems are both complex and intersectional. We should try our best to think holistically about how our decisions and actions impact complex systems.

Solutions may require nuance and a detail oriented mindset, while still being practical.

and include

Just as we aim to empower players with data and tools, we also aim to have our team members feel empowered in the company. Everyone matters and should have the support, freedom and respect needed to do great work.

Giving players tools empowers their gameplay and makes advanced strategies accessible to include all players.

as a team

We should all be working together to make something larger than the sum of its parts. Respect and trust people on the team to do their best work. We have unique challenges and dependencies across different working hours and locations. Don’t stovepipe tasks or keep important information from them.

Offer to help remove barriers to empower others on the team and thank those who do so for you. We should be promoting this sentiment where possible in the communities we support.

Always be growing

Challenge yourself with fresh problems and look to improve your craft. Strive to grow ourselves and the products that we offer. Doing our best work, improving, and continuing to learn new things should be a goal of everyone on the team. Iteration on our work and products ensure we are putting care into our decisions.

Our management team

We've been working in data and esports since 2001

Sabina Hemmi
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Coene
Chief Technical Officer
Chief Technical Officer
Trevor Schmidt
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Max Young
VP of Finance
VP of Finance

Career opportunities

We look for smart and pragmatic people. Our team members have a range of cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. We prioritize the progression, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

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