Press Release

March 4, 2021

Elo Entertainment Launches Dotabuff App

March 4, 2021 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

AUSTIN, Texas--Elo Entertainment (“Elo”), an advanced data analytics company best known for Dotabuff, announced today that it is releasing the Dotabuff App on the Overwolf platform, supported by the Intel Fund. The Dotabuff App leverages Elo’s data expertise and experience with Dotabuff, Dota 2’s most visited community website, and offers it in a desktop application designed to support gamers where and when they game.

The Dotabuff App equips gamers with modules designed to support them during each phase of a Dota 2 game. These modules are informed by machine learning algorithms, using the wealth of data available on the Dotabuff website, to give users the information they need, when they need it. The App will enable gamers to improve their game play and their game knowledge.

“I’m excited to see our first foray into the desktop environment,” says Sabina Hemmi, Elo’s CEO and Co-Founder. “There is a critical need to have more data driven and machine learning information available to help players identify optimal gameplay strategies. Elo is uniquely positioned, by virtue of our data expertise and experience with Dota 2, to develop this tool for players.”

The release of the Dotabuff App follows a successful year for Elo, which included the acquisition of, the launch of, and the re-launch of Elo looks forward to the continued expansion of its offerings across multiple competitive video gaming titles.

About Elo Entertainment

Elo Entertainment is an advanced data analytics company for competitive video games. It transforms raw game data into actionable insights. Through its network of websites and products, Elo reaches millions of esports fans, players, developers, and professional team analysts each month. The company’s websites include Dotabuff and Overbuff, the largest community websites by traffic for Dota 2 and Overwatch respectively. Elo is headquartered in Austin, Texas. To learn more about Elo, please visit